One Less Step for Zoning

Another benefit of incorporation is additional zoning authority. For example, lands currently designated Shoreland-Floodland would not require Waukesha County approval. The Village of Lisbon would adopt the current Waukesha County ordinance and administer that zoning on our own.  That’s one less level of government to go through.

No More Extraterritorial Zoning

Properties that are a mile and a half from certain Villages would not need to go through a process called Extraterritorial Zoning, as they do now.  Those municipalities currently have the legal right to review what you are doing on your property in the Town of Lisbon, and have authority to require you to comply with their zoning and land use requirements.  If Lisbon isn’t incorporated, those properties would continue to require multiple approval processes.


No.  Incorporation does not increase taxes.  Tax rates are calculated based upon cost of the service level expected by Town residents, and the assessed valuation of the Town. The Town presently maintains a service level necessary for incorporation; hence, no additional services will be required because of incorporation.

If the Town Incorporates into A Village Would My Mailing Address Change?

No.  Upon incorporation there would be no change to any mailing addresses—all residents and businesses would maintain their current city and zip code.  The USPS currently allows Lisbon to use “Lisbon 53089” versus “Sussex  53089”.  The USPS prefers to not change mailing addresses due to incorporation.

Would Incorporation Change the School District Boundaries?

No.  The current school district boundaries would remain in place with no changes due to incorporation.