Incorporate Lisbon 2020

You may already know that the Town of Lisbon has begun the process of incorporating into a village. Click the button to learn more.


Municipal incorporation is the process of creating new villages and cities from town territory. It is regulated by State of Wisconsin Statutes. The Town of Lisbon would become the Village of Lisbon.

What Are the Next Steps?

The Town needs to obtain two Cooperative Border Agreements with neighboring villages, which we have been working through with Merton and Lannon.  The agreement with Merton has already been approved by both boards and was submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Administration for review and approval.  The same process will be followed for Lannon.  If/when the DOA approves both agreements, the Town would schedule a special referendum election.  The date is to be determined.

The Town is drafting a “Plan of Action” which will detail how everyone can understand and become involved in the process. WE NEED YOUR INPUT.  We are creating a 20-person Citizen Advisory Committee to review the Plan of Action and next steps.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please let me know by Monday, October 28, 2019.  We are planning at least two meetings.  Our first meeting will be either Tuesday, November 12 or Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 6:30pm at the Lisbon Town Hall. The first meeting will be scheduled on whichever date most committee members select.  An agenda will be sent out to the members about a week prior to the meeting.  Once this committee meets, we will be putting together a schedule for information meetings for the general public.  If you would like to serve on the Citizen Advisory Committee or have questions, please contact Town Administrator Gina Gresch at 246-6100 ext. 1003 or email her at  For other opporutnities to become involved please click on the “Volunteer” menu item to complete an online survey.

In the meantime, we encourage residents, property and business owners to write letters to the Town of Lisbon or even submit a “Letter to the Editor” to our local papers (Waukesha Freeman, Lake Country Now and Northwest Now) expressing their opinions and/or concerns.

If the Town of Lisbon Does Not Incorporate and Become a Village…

The Town will lose area due to annexations by surrounding municipalities.  Annexation erodes the Town’s tax base.  When vacant town lands are annexed by an adjacent municipality, the town loses value, while the annexing city or village benefits from current assessed values and value of future development.  When a town loses value, it must spread out the same amount of property taxes among everyone else left in the town.  Your slice of the “tax pie” would get a little bigger.  In order to preserve the tax base in the lands we have in the Town, we need to incorporate.

It Boils Down to This

Development is inevitable and if the Town doesn’t secure its borders, we will lose valuable land, whether it is valuable now or would be in the future.

Name: Joe Osterman
Phone: 246-6100 ext. 1200

Supervisor #1:
Name: Tedia Gamiño
Phone: 246-6100 ext. 1201

Supervisor #2:
Name: Marc Moonen
Phone: 246-6100 ext. 1202

Supervisor #3:
Name: Linda Beal
Phone: 246-6100 ext. 1203

Supervisor #4:
Name: Becky Plotecher
Phone: 246-6100 ext. 1204

Name: Gina Gresch
Phone: 246-6100 ext. 1003

Name: Dan Green
Phone: 246-6100 ext. 1004

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